The development, enhancement and further development of our software is performed, now as before, in close cooperation with various customers. This results in a market-oriented and practical applications development that is versatile in use, and nonetheless can be rapidly and individually adjusted.

Our customers rank among the leading providers of logistics services in the procurement and distribution logistics sector.


  • CEVA Logistics
  • Logistik für Unternehmen aus der Automobil-/Zulieferindustrie und Kunststoffbranche
  • Rudolph Logistik Gruppe
  • Hansmann Spedition
  • Schnellecke - Logistik, Transport, Produktion, Informationstechnik, Projektmanagement
  • Berger - Dienstleister für Güterverkehr
  • DHL - Kontraktlogistik / Supply Chain Management
  • Wincanton
  • Wheels Logistics
  • Logwin AG
  • Kech-Transport GmbH - Logistikdienstleister auf allen europäischen Transportachsen
  • Rosner Logistik - Dämmstoffindustrie, Automobillogistik, Verpackungsindustrie, Kunstoffindustrie, Neumöbellogistik
  • Spedition Weets - Automotive-Logistics, Spedition, Outsourcing, Warehousing
  • Heinricht Scheffler - Internationale Spedition
  • Spedition Bente jun. - Spedition, Lagerei, Güternah- und Fernverkehr
  • J.S. Logistik AG
  • LEHNKERING - Logistics & Services
  • Oskar Vogel - Güter-Nah- und -Fernverkehr
  • Spedition Oestmann - Internationale LKW-Verkehre, Abfertigung und Lagerung
  • C.S. CARGO
  • Spedition K. Ostaszewski
  • Spedition Hinck
  • Tensing Logistik

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  • The Car_O©-Automotive module supports the logistics processes that are relevant for the respective automobile company. Where a credit memo procedure is performed at the customer side, Car_O©-Automotive handles the credit balancing and creates the appropriate transparency more...