Freight transport

“National and international freight services essentially offer full-coverage service provision, which means provision of the transport service does not depend on the provider’s location.
With increasing globalisation this results in an intensified competition situation in this market segment. It is therefore necessary to be able to provide services that are tailor-made, unique and difficult to replace. Factors such as service level (delivery speed, availability, reliability), know-how and innovation will become even more decisive for operational success in the future.
The scalability of Car_O©-Ladungsverkehr (groupage freight) creates the basis for customer-oriented management within the scope of integrated company processes. For the user this means competition advantages with reduced administration expense.
The seamless interweaving of Car_O©-Ladungsverkehr’s individual modules ensures that the employees receive the required information at the right time. The “Mask designer””, “View designer”” and “Workflow designer”” tools, for example, enable customized solutions without programmer expense. Beginning with order entry, on to MRP and on through to controlling, all important company processes are presented transparently adjusted to the respective operational requirements.


A short list of the most important features:

  • Credit limit check with order entry
  • Graphic MRP plan
  • Haulage and fleet-oriented MRP
  • Status management  MRP groups support
  • Cards display
  • Haulier evaluation (QA documentation)
  • Interfaces to telematics systems
    Mapping combi-shipments, part-route shipments and rendezvous shipments Resource deployment plan and resource availability
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Fleet costs billing
  • Interface to Toll Collect
  • Interface to tank station companies (DKU, UTA, Shell, etc.) Confirmation of documents (transport documents)
  • Central/remote freight billing
  • Document printing as individual/collective document or freely definable


A short list of the most important features:

  • Mask designer for order entry
  • Workflow control
  • Freely definable authorization levels
  • Freely definable views (table views), multilingual
  • Database jobs administration
  • Parameters administration
  • Menu administration